Learn More About the Rich History of Comrie RV

The Comrie background in the RV and automobile business began in 1929 in Pendleton, OR, when J. F. Comrie built an automobile repair shop that was called "Red's Precision Service." In 1936 he began the new car business with Oldsmobile, and it was located in the 30 block on S. E. Court. Later that year, GMC Truck was added to the business, and it was relocated at the corner of S. E. Fifth and Court.

Post-World War II History

In 1944 the building at 511 S. E. Court was purchased and a selling agreement with Cadillac was established. There were no cars produced between 1942 and 1946 because of World War II. 1946 was the first year new vehicles were sold by what was called "Comrie Motors," which included Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and GMC.

In 1951 the business was sold to Paul McCoy and Russ Volstorf, and the next seven years saw four changes in ownership, including McCoy-Volsort, McCoy-Brown, and Childress until 1958 when the business was repurchased by Comrie's with J. F. Comrie and Roy Comrie (son). J. F. Comrie passed away in 1965.

Our Modern Services and Sales

In December 1983 Paul Comrie (son of Roy Comrie) came aboard, and in April 1986 became general manager.

In 1985 Comrie's purchased real estate in Hermiston, Oregon to enter the used car and R.V. business. In 1988 Comrie's added Wilderness Travel Trailers. Since that time other lines have been added, including Cardinal, Cougar, Sandpiper, Sandstorm, Wildwood, and SilverLite (used cars and trucks are also sold).

Pontiac, Buick and Honda were added in January 1991, and the location was moved to Pendleton Southgate.

In May 1998 Comrie's acquired Chevrolet making Comrie's the only point in Pendleton where a GM vehicle could be purchased. Finalization of this buy-sell agreement completed GM's project 2000 plan making Pendleton and Comrie's the hub dealer for General Motors products in Umatilla County.


Focused on Quality RV Sales and Services

Comrie's elected to sell out the new car division in February 2007, and we are now totally concentrating our efforts in Hermiston to provide great RV service and sales, as well as, meeting used car and truck needs.

Comrie's strongly feels that the success enjoyed over the years was made possible through the recognition that our greatest assets and opportunity for the future growth and progress are our employees and our customers. Our company philosophy is the age-old golden rule, and we will strive to conduct our daily work to live by this philosophy in human relations. We put our trust in God and we look to Him for answers for the future.
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